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Why don't I have 'cookie cutter' pricing?

Ever wonder why I don’t post a general price list for my cookies? I customize each order to match your requests, so until we talk about your order and discuss things like quantity, size, flavor(s), and intricacies of designs, it is difficult and often misleading to provide pricing.

For example these most recent cookies were all made with the same base cookie - a 3” round vanilla sugar cookie with vanilla royal icing. They all have airbrushing to some degree, but let me break down the differences you may not think of that impact pricing.

Horse - this one involved an in-house custom cut stencil.
Basketball - had personalization - a different name and jersey number hand-piped on each one.
Basketball Net - had intricate piping to mimic the net
MTC - had a 3-piece, custom-ordered, silk-screen stencil for the customer’s logo
Maryland Flag - had a highly detailed 3-piece silk screen stencil and minimal room for error.

There are three general price groups for our cookies and icings:

  • Standard Flavors - These are our base flavors like Vanilla and Chocolate.

  • Special Flavors - These flavors have a little bit of flair.  A nice alternative to kick the cookie up a notch.

  • Premium Flavors - These have complex flavors and ingredients and require more steps to make, but you get to reap the rewards with a decadent treat!

All of our cookies are sold by the dozen, starting at $40 per dozen for a printed design cookie with a Standard Flavor dough and Standard Flavor icing, and $50 per dozen for hand-piped cookies.  Price also varies with design complexity and number of colors.  Final price to be determined after consultation.

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