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Order and Refund Policy

These are cookies, not rocket science, or programming a DVR, let's keep it simple & civil.


Ordering & Payment


  • You order cookies, you pay for cookies, then I give you cookies

  • A 50% retainer is required to confirm your order, reserve your date on my calendar and allow me to acquire the supplies needed for your order.

  • The balance is due 1 week before you pick up your cookies.

  • Refunds are possible up to 1 week before your order is due, and the amount of the refund processed is decided on a case-by-case basis when specialty items or supplies have been ordered specifically for your order (large order quantities, specialty cutters, stencils, etc.)



Cottage Food Laws


  • Sugar Momma Cookies is a Cottage Food Law business and operates under Maryland’s Cottage Food Law procedures.  I bake in a home kitchen that is not inspected by the health department.  Our kitchen is NOT nut free, egg free, dairy free, gluten free or Kosher.  We do take great pride in our work and welcome any feedback.

  • Maryland Cottage Food Law requires that we only sell within the State of Maryland.  We are allowed to ship cookies, but still, only within the state. 



Pickup / Delivery


  • All orders are pick-up only.  Delivery, based on availability, can be an option if you live within 15 miles of the pick-up location with an additional fee of $15.



Change Cut-Off


  • Decisions can be hard to make.  We spend time at the beginning of your order to go over inspiration pics, ideas and colors.  Most order changes can be made up to 10 days before the pick-up date.  After that, all change requests will be taken into consideration and a small fee will apply if they can be made.  

  • Please note, this also applies to changes to the pick-up date.



Inspiration / Pinterest / AI Photos


  • I absolutely love to see what you have in mind for your cookies, so please send in any pictures of cookies you’ve seen that you like!  It shows me the style of cookies you like, as well as what general direction you are wanting for your cookie order.  With that being said, I try not to copy someone else’s work exactly wherever possible.  While I think that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, not everyone else feels that way, so I try to put my own personality into each set.  

  • Colors are often difficult to match exactly, so please know that every effort is made to come as close as possible to achieve your desired color but color-matching is not guaranteed.

  • AI Photographs are running rampant in places like Pinterest and are often hard to distinguish from real photographs.  Please keep this in mind when looking at example pictures.





  • If you do not want your cookie order photographed for our Social Media pages please notify us at the time of your order and we will not place your order on our site or socials.



Copyright Material


  • We’ve worked too hard to risk our business by making cookies with protected material - from popular superhero characters, to the famous mouse and his bevy of beautiful princesses.  We can work with the color pallet, or the theme, without using the characters, so if you want Character cookies, please give us a call and we’ll figure out a solution.

  • We love working for businesses and printing logos, just please be sure you have permission to use the logo before you ask us to print it.  We do require you to provide us permission in writing from the logo owner to use the logo.



After Pickup


  • At each pickup- we look at the cookies together to ensure your cookie needs were met (and hopefully exceeded!) and that you are satisfied with your order.   

  • Once the cookies leave with you, they are your responsibility.  Keep them away from the heat, and do not refrigerate them.  If you need to store them for any length of time before serving - communicate with me and I will give you special instructions for storage.



Acceptance of Terms


  • Payment of the retainer means you’ve read and accepted these terms.

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